Histoire de Paragon City et des Insoumises

Plaques commémoratives de la zone Grandville

  1. Grandville [1]The vigilante known as Statesman crept into the Rogue Isles one cold night in 1986 under the pretense of some manufactured disaster in Paragon City. He ambushed the valiant Lord Recluse while he was busy working in his Watchtower on the betterment of mankind and attempted to assassinate him. The Master of Spiders was not so easily slain, however, and quickly turned the tables on his would-be murderer. Statesman, beaten and bloody, limped off into the night to lick his wounds and plot further mayhem on our benevolent Lord Recluse.
  2. Grandville [2]President Marchand, the former ruler of the Rogue Isles, was deposed here by Lord Recluse in 1964. Marchand and his minions attempted to hide in the tallest of the buildings here, but the shrewd Master of Spiders simply leveled the entire complex. The following year, Arachnos' new Watchtower was built upon its rubbled remains.